SimFlex Cloud also provides for navigation training using an Augmented Reality headset. Image courtesy Force Technology

DNV Certifies SimFlex Cloud Simulator Platform


DNV has certified Force Technology’s SimFlex Cloud navigation simulator platform according to DNV’s ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems Class D standard requirements, for the approval of simulators used for mandatory simulator-based training or as a means to demonstrate competence. DNV requires that all simulators are DNV certified when used as tools for training and examination in accordance with STCW Regulations I/12, in order to issue a DNV SeaSkill Learning Program Certificate to training providers.

SimFlex Cloud is the latest development from Denmark's Force Technology. Introduced in October 2021 as a dedicated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, it combines realistic navigation training with an agile and accessible approach for training organisations to configure high-fidelity maritime simulation to their exact needs and budget.

“DNV certifies that remote simulation can be conducted to the same high standard as classroom-based training by utilizing SimFlex Cloud,” said Captain Aksel David Nordholm, Simulator Certification Specialist in DNV SeaSkill. “It’s a reassurance to trainees and employers alike, and we’re pleased to confirm that SimFlex Cloud meets the required standard.”

While highlighting the overall realism and learning potential, DNV’s Statement of Compliance for SimFlex Cloud also verifies the design and performance of its integrated and fully-realized mixed reality modes, which enable training organisation to provide Augmented Reality simulator courses to customers onsite, or anywhere in the world. These mixed-reality capabilities position SimFlex Cloud as a technology-leading platform capable of delivering a step-change in realism and the learning potential of simulator training.

SimFlex Cloud provides for flexible and scalable licensing options meaning that customers only pay for exactly what they use, while providing the ability to reduce or increase investment based on current requirements. The connected nature of SimFlex Cloud also ensures that the most recent content and training methods are always available.