Photo: ChartCo

ChartCo’s LogCentral wins RMI Nod


ChartCo's LogCentral, the integrated solution soon to join the ChartCo OneOcean platform, has gained authorization from the Marshall Islands.

Having authorized the application on their flagged fleet, they lead the way for ChartCo to obtain recognition from other key flag states.

The new addition to ChartCo OneOcean will enable crew to rapidly complete logbook entries with simplicity and accuracy. Operational and management teams will also benefit from transparency and traceability while having instant access to all logbook entries made across the entire fleet.

With new regulations from MARPOL, notwithstanding the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations, more than 50,000 vessels worldwide are required to carry out extensive record-keeping operations, facing severe penalties if these processes are executed incorrectly.