(Image: Cobham Satcom)

Cobham's New Ka-band Antennas to Be Deployed on Inmarsat's Global Xpress


Radio and satellite communications solutions provider Cobham Satcom announced its partnership with Inmarsat on its new generation of Ka-band antennas, the new SAILOR XTR GX-R2 series, to be deployed on the Global Xpress network.

Developed with future satellite constellations in mind, and in line with Inmarsat’s ORCHESTRA architecture – the first-of-its-kind network that seamlessly integrates multiple orbits and terrestrial 5G – the SAILOR XTR antenna series combines the best of Cobham Satcom’s SAILOR VSAT and Inmarsat’s Global Xpress technology.

As geographical coverage evolves with new Inmarsat GX satellites in geostationary but also non-geosynchronous orbits, such as HEO and LEO, the SAILOR XTR is ready to provide seamless connection, for example, in the Arctic. SAILOR XTR is already GX-R2 compliant and thus compatible with future GX6-10 satellites.