The new solution allows for centralized management of remote access to all vessels in a fleet. Photo Courtesy Danelec

Connected Ships: Danelec, TeamViewer Complete Data Transfer Trials


Danelec Marine and TeamViewe completed trials of a system for ship data transfer and remote access, an alternative to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

The Danelec and TeamViewer solution claimes it will lower costs and boost access flexibility while reducing technical workload on IT teams, all the while enabling more uptime for digital vessel and fleet management applications.

The companies have worked to develop a customized version of the TeamViewer IoT agent that embeds into the Operating System of Danelec’s Vessel Remote Server (VRS) and launches on demand. The system is designed to enable a secure ship-shore connection, with a user-friendly interface providing remote access management centrally for a whole fleet.

Three Danelec customers took part in the trials, which started in August 2020 and finished in December. One trial participant was Cypriot ship management company Interorient which used the solution on five vessels, which reportedly generated operational savings by using remote access to optimize configuration of a new VDR and its connected sensors, as well as exploring new applications.