(Image: Seaspan ULC)

Høglund to Deliver Automation Systems for Seaspan LNG Bunkering Vessels


Høglund Marine Solutions announced it will deliver integrated automation systems (IAS) for three newbuild liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessels being constructed at at CIMC SOE shipyard for Canadian owner Seaspan ULC.

The IAS will seamlessly connect the cargo handling, control and electrical propulsion systems on each of the 7600m3 ships slated to operate along the west coast of North America.

A central, and standard feature of all Høglund automation systems, is Høglund Playback. Using the integrated logging system, an operator can troubleshoot incidents by reviewing any alarms or events as if they were live data, giving them a highly detailed view a potentially complex event. With this tool, the crew can check the historical data from an incident such as a blackout and see exactly what went wrong.

Each ship will feature emerging technologies that further reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions, as well as radiated noise. The LNG bunkering vessels, being designed by VARD Marine Inc, will offer safe, efficient and economical refueling for multiple ship types (ship-to-ship LNG bunkering), and allow for transfers to and from a wide range of terminals. They will also be able to perform coastal/short sea shipping operations.

“This is another bunker vessel application project, using our integrated solutions, for us to be involved in, highlighting the excellent reputation that Høglund has throughout the maritime industry,” said Peter Morsbach VP Sales at Høglund Marine Solutions.

“We will showcase the benefits of our advanced technology, while demonstrating Høglund’s expertise for fixing issues swiftly and supporting the yard during commissioning and installation – attributes that helped us to secure this contract. Having pioneered automation and control solutions for some of the first-generation vessels in this segment, we are proud to support the continued development of LNG bunker vessels around the world.”