Image Credit: Bartolomej Tomić

Intellian to Launch New Factory in South Korea


Satellite communications solutions company Intellian is set to launch another factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, marking an expansion of the company’s HQ base. 

The new factory, expected to be operational from August 2022, is located 4 km from the existing factory.

"The new facility and existing factory will run simultaneously, providing unparalleled production capacity of all existing product lines across maritime and land sectors, including gateway antenna systems, and the recently announced range of flat panel antennas. Increased production across the board will empower Intellian to continue to supply existing and emerging vertical market segments. Enhanced manufacturing capabilities will also act as a core foundation for Intellian’s legacy of innovative technology development to serve the satellite industry," the company said.

"The additional factory will serve increasing customer and partner demand and further power Intellian’s growth trajectory. With 1,702 satellites launched into Earth’s orbit in 2021, the satellite sector has and continues to experience an explosion of development," Intellian said.

Marking Intellian’s second manufacturing location in Korea, this new factory will increase both the company’s production and warehouse capacity by three times. 

"This supercharged capacity provides customers and partners with scalability going forwards, enabling them to meet increasing demand in the growing satellite industry: the global small satellite market reached $4.70 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $10.75 billion in 2028," Intellian said.

New factory render -  Credit: Intellian