Photo: Naval Dome

Maritime Cyber Security: Naval Dome, LR Team


Cyber security is a pervasive issue globally, particularly in the commercial maritime sector where ship to shore and "always on" connectivity is still in its infancy. To help get ahead of the problem, a new partnership was announced between Naval Dome, an Israel-based cyber security specialist and Lloyd's Register, which have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at establishing standards and guidelines for maritime cyber defense.
Using intelligence agency security technology, Naval Dome's device blocks internal and external cyber-attacks to provide maximum protection with minimal human intervention. It integrates with existing systems and software, providing real-time cyber alerts and blocks malicious files to prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and data. Independent of the LR collaboration, Naval Dome has already successfully demonstrated a ship's vulnerability to cyber-attacks.
Specifically LR will carry out a series of pilot tests using the company's cyber security software onboard a LR-classed vessel. The Naval Dome system is the first multi-layer cyber defense solution developed specifically for maritime applications.
"The objective is to establish standards around cyber defense in the maritime space, utilizing Naval Dome's expertise," said Ran Merkazy, Vice President - Product & Services Innovation (CTO Group), LR. "We will then test the system with our customers to make sure that it provides the requisite level of security without disruption to their systems and operations."