The project outcomes will enable shipowners to better understand how to optimise voyages, reduce fuel consumption and optimise operational maintenance. Copyright Photo Gallery/Adobe Stock

Marlink, Fraunhofer CML Institute Partner on Ship Digitalization Project


Marlink and research institute Fraunhofer CML (Center for Maritime Logistics and Services) annonced a partnership to identify Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data to accelerate digitalization and define the ROI scenarios for operational efficiency.

Marlink will leverage its BridgeLink solution to deliver data from core engine room and bridge systems including VDR, ECDIS, Radar, AIS, AMS, engine control systems, cargo systems, propulsion and sensors. Fraunhofer CML develops and optimizes processes and systems for the maritime supply chain. Using quantitative analysis techniques and industry-specific knowledge, the aim is for Fraunhofer CML to produce a unified dataset that will be used as a reference model by owners who want to improve efficiency in data-driven use cases but whose technical departments may require additional support.