New price and service plans for Marlink's Sealink C-Band VSAT (Photo: Marlink)

Marlink Re-launches Sealink C-band VSAT Service


Marlink has re-launched its Sealink C-band VSAT service, this time introducing new price and service plans, enabling easier integration with existing and future Ka and Ku-band VSAT services. According to Marlink, the upgrade gives Sealink C-band VSAT users more flexibility to add alternative VSAT frequencies to their network in order to ensure availability of high-speed critical business and operational applications globally.

The new Sealink C-band provides customers with a transparent and cost-efficient way of integrating existing C-band services with flexible Ka and Ku-band VSAT. The result, Marlink said, is a simple path to maximize Quality of Service and benefit from reliable, global and continuously available high-speed broadband connectivity. Marlink customers choosing to integrate Sealink C-band VSAT with Ka or Ku-band VSAT will enjoy high bandwidth availability regardless of which service is currently used, ensuring their IP connectivity meets the needs of their regional and globally operating vessels regardless off throughput required.
Customers in maritime industries such as cruise and oil and gas rely on continuity of high-speed connectivity. Cruise ships, seismic vessels and offshore supply vessels are among Marlink clients who benefit the most from combining C-band with other frequencies to ensure availability of broadband connectivity regardless of the carrier in use. Ultimately, customers can fully leverage the efficiency and reliability gains of Marlink's multi-band communications network as a best fit to their needs.
"We have updated our Sealink C-band services to match the streamlined structure of our other VSAT services. This enables customers to maximize their regional, multi-regional and global coverage and Quality of Service by adding alternative carriers based on their specific requirements for throughput and value added services, all of which are covered by our frequency agnostic network and innovations," said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.
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