Transpetrol's Tenacity IV (Photo: Marlink)

Marlink's VSAT Services for Transpetrol Tanker Fleet


Marlink said it has been awarded a contract renewal to expand its Sealink VSAT service to international ship owner Transpetrol.

The renewal secures access to Marlink's global network and specially-chosen business critical VSAT solutions for the entire tanker fleet and two planned new buildings due for delivery within 18 months.

Operating a sophisticated and diverse fleet from medium range tankers to Aframax and Very Large Gas Carriers on global routes, Transpetrol's need for always available data and voice communication for operations and crew welfare is addressed by a standardized and cost-effective solution integrating Global Ku-band VSAT, with L-band back-up.

Transpetrol will extract more value from Marlink VSAT through an increased Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Maximum Information Rate (MIR), enabling it to use new digital applications and provide more access for crew. Its business and operations will be further protected from cyber-attack through Marlink's highly resilient network and the deployment of SkyFile Anti-Virus, now part of Marlink's extensive Cyber Guard portfolio, on board each ship.

Essential to running Transpetrol's feature-rich solution is the XChange centralized communications management platform, which offers a streamlined and integrated system enabling crew communications management, seamless switching between satellites, VSAT or L-band carriers, as well as hosting Transpetrol's chosen value added services. These include XChange Cloud, a new secure and scalable platform for the optimized transfer and synchronization of files between ship and shore, and vice versa.

Alongside SkyFile Mail and access to Portal 360, XChange Universal Remote Access (URA), which allows shore staff to access on board networks for IT maintenance and troubleshooting, is included for Transpetrol. Additionally, the Data Manager solution provides powerful features including web compression and filtering, data consumption monitoring and an enhanced firewall, all contributing to a more secure and efficient use of connectivity on Transpetrol vessels.