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Navigation: ioCurrents and Rose Point Partner


Data analytics specialist ioCurrents and Rose Point, a provider of navigation solutions for ships operating in U.S. inland waterways, have partnered in an effort to help mariners plan and navigate more safely and efficiently.

Combining ioCurrents’ data analytics insights on fuel consumption and Rose Point’s marine navigation software, professional mariners and fleet operators will be given a complete overview of how they can navigate safely and cost effectively.

ioCurrents specializes in data analysis using AI and machine based learning to output real-time fact based insights, and its proprietary data analytics platform, MarineInsight, enables ship operators to make informed decisions based on live data outputs. This helps improve decision making with the ultimate goal of achieving operational efficiencies for fleets, the company said.

With every subscription to ioCurrents' MarineInsight platform, ioCurrents will help supplement the additional subscription to Rose Point’s Fleet Services allowing users to benefit from both services at a reduced overall cost.

Jon Best, Director of Business Development for ioCurrents, said, “Forming a partnership with Rose Point will help U.S. mariners make efficiency savings in their journey planning and optimize their fuel consumption. In effect they will getting situational awareness with Rose Point’s excellent uncluttered navigation displays and controls coupled with ioCurrents up to the minute live fuel burns and fuel flow data which will not only help them make decisions to reduce fuel consumption but will also reduce emissions and have a positive impact on their bottom line.”