Novaco Director, Captain Costas Zervas (Photo: Novaco)

Novaco Upgrades Its NovacoBridge Navigation Management Solution


Navigation services provider Novaco Limited is set to release a major update to its integrated navigation management solution, NovacoBridge. The update will be launched this month at Expomaritt Exposhipping Istanbul 2021.

Used by mariners and businesses across the commercial and leisure markets, NovacoBridge provides a comprehensive all-in-one suite of navigation tools as well as individual modules for vessels and shore-based offices.

Costas Zervas, Director EMEA at Novaco said, “The maritime sector knows NovacoBridge as a deceptively simple yet highly sophisticated way to select, buy and maintain charts and publications. Yet NovacoBridge can do so much more, and our new release is even more robust, reliable and ready to help officers plan and manage their voyages.

“It raises the bar for simplicity, and the fully integrated product suite provides a competitive choice for all commercial shipping firms. We have made it available as a suite or in modules, to enable both vessel and shore users to select the functionality they need. This ensures any business and leisure yachting enterprise can manage budget without compromising on quality.”

With the G4 update, NovacoBridge makes it simpler for users to navigate and select the modules they want to use and update. Its core chart and publication functionality remains the same but now includes an enhanced user interface and improved access to online help. Navigation officers can manage their chartroom more effectively and access official digital and paper charts and publications, making it even easier to meet safety and compliance requirements.

The core voyage planning module of NovacoBridge is now included for free and allows officers to plan their voyage, including time and distance assessment, squat calculations, under keel clearance, tides and more for any route “point to point”. An automatic port to port route generation facility has also been added allowing instant route creation between ports using industry standard routes. Novaco’s Instant Permit Service provides instant access to permits for all digital products 24/7.

Chart selection is optimized based on the intended route with updates for paper and digital products and Navigational Warnings included as standard. Support for paper charts and publications remains unchanged with Novaco’s legendary ‘paper products’ module which supports corrections using BA, AUS or JP Notices to Mariners.

The integrated ChartViewer can now be used for passage monitoring. It includes a dynamic chart overlay with voyage notes, NavWarnings and T&Ps which are displayed over AVCS. When used in conjunction with NovacoHub passage monitoring becomes accessible anywhere onboard the ship, not just the bridge.

The release of NovacoBridge G4 follows the launch earlier this year of NovacoHub, Novaco’s all-in-one navigation data and tracking product for commercial and leisure vessels. NovacoHub augments NovacoBridge to provide instant access to all chart and publication base files and updates, access to weekly NtMs, IMO and other ebooks, and more. NovacoHub also offers continuous tracking of the vessel and the nearby vessels which can be monitored on the NovacoBridge ChartViewer anywhere on the ship and ashore.