The TimeCaster web app: previous shipping routes are displayed in blue, and predicted future routes shown in yellow (Image: cloudeo)

New Ship Tracking Web App Unveiled


New web application provides enhanced analytics and visibility for satellite tracking of shipping vessels

Geodata ecosystem provider cloudeo has launched a new web app that aims to provide enhanced analytics, visibility and a simpler user experience for tracking the location and identification details of seafaring vessels.

The new TimeCaster web app, available for purchase now in the cloudeo store, builds on the TimeCaster geoservices solution, which utilizes big data analytics to enhance ship tracking and forecasting methods. With updates every 10 minutes and the automatic identification of misleading doppelganger signals, users are provided with a near real-time feed of ship positions ten times more accurate than raw Automatic Identification System (AIS) datasets. This actionable information about location and suspicious ship behaviors empowers fleet owners and operators, commodity traders in oil and gas, environmental protection agencies, marine insurance companies, and the finance industry with the time and foresight needed to act accordingly.

The TimeCaster app also features an all-new user interface for ease-of-use and enhanced visibility into both a vessel's current location and its forecasted position up to 12 hours into the future. Users can easily track their target ship's identity and location details using the online visual mapping system, and reliably project future routes with the system's built-in analytics.

"TimeCaster allows our customers to take faster, smarter and more effective action than the competition by utilizing the most current, accurate and reliable information available about the movements of ships," says Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO of cloudeo. "Our flexible pricing model, with realistic, low entry packages and affordable flat rates, makes the TimeCaster web app an affordable investment for businesses both large or small. Businesses can take advantage of the plan that works best for them, with our flexible month to month subscription or by subscribing to an annual plan."