Image courtesy Inmarsat

Shipyards the target of Comms Solution from Inmarsat


Inmarsat now offers Fleet Xpress for Shipyards, which is designed to eliminates time-consuming and costly installation works in port, offering owners a pre-fitted very small aperture terminal (VSAT) solution included in the initial cost of the vessel.

“Fleet Xpress for Shipyards is a game-changer for shipbuilders and owners alike, streamlining installation, providing remote connectivity from vessel launch and enabling optimal integration between integral onboard systems,” said Ben Palmer, President, Inmarsat Maritime. 

Inmarsat collaborated with JRC and Intellian for the offering.

With the offering, all terminals, cables, and below deck units are installed as a Fleet Xpress line-fit service, allowing the yard to deliver a one-stop solution.

“As one of the world’s top shipbuilders, we’re delighted that Hyundai Heavy Industries is among the first to recognise the value of this line-fit solution - we’re seeing significant interest from yards across all markets," said Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian.

For shipyards, early installation of Fleet Xpress will enhance responsiveness to growing customer demand for high-speed communications and provide remote vessel monitoring and maintenance capabilities upon delivery.