Photo: SevenCs

Top Speed For Your Maritime Charts


SevenCs has just released a brand new software tool called TMS ChartServer which is running on a high performance "Tile Map Service" technology. It allows users of maritime web and mobile applications - e.g. Fleet Monitoring, Vessel Tracking, and Surveying - to display maritime charts at top speed: no matter if full global chart coverage is needed or just a smaller area of interest.

Product Highlights
• High performance tile server
• Import & display of S-57 / S-63 charts
• Quick setup
• Easy configuration of chart settings
• Also available as hosting service
• Works with OpenLayers or Leaflet
• Free test license

SevenCs GmbH is located in Hamburg, and for decades has been "the Expert" in developing maritime software applications. Global business experience for more than 25 years have led to a reliable product family such as the S-57 and S-100 chart display Kernel, professional navigation software (ORCA Series) and ENC production tools. In addition to software they provide a complete range of complementary services, including training, consultancy, and customer support.