SUNY Maritime to Host e-Navigation Conference


SUNY Maritime College will host the 2015 e-Navigation Underway North America Conference September 28-30 in New York
It is likely that regions like the Baltic, the North Sea, the Strait of Malacca, Torres Strait and other areas will implement e-Navigation services that modern ships transiting these areas will be required to subscribe to. This will have the effect of requiring such ships to implement e-Navigation even without a formal IMO carriage requirement.
Ships transiting the St Lawrence Seaway are already using e-Navigation services. The U.S., too, is making plans to implement certain e-Navigation Services in its coastal and inland waters.
The maritime insurance industry is starting to realize that proper implementation of e-Navigation will improve their general average and is considering avenues to encourage their customers to implement e-Navigation.
The conference theme is “Reducing Risk through e-Navigation” or more specifically “How e-Navigation can improve conning decisions”.
Conference attendees will learn
  • What e-Navigation Services are
  • How USCG, US Corps of Army Engineers, NOAA, DOT and others are planning to implement e-Navigation
  • How it is being implemented outside of North America
  • How the insurance industry could encourage ship owners and operators to implement e-Navigation
  • How your organization should prepare for ship-board implementation of e-Navigation
Experts addressing these topics include:
  • Joseph Trotti, Chief Executive Officer, AIG Global Marine & Aerospace
  • Francis Zachariae, Secretary-General of IALA
  • Helen Brohl, Executive Director, Committee on the Marine Transportation System, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • John Erik Hagen, Regional Director, Norwegian Coastal Administration & Chair, IMO e-Navigation Correspondence Group
  • Along with top subject matter experts on other topics