Screengrab showing EMOTION data. Image courtesy Weathernews

Weathernews Debuts Service Targeting Offshore Wind Market


Weathernews’s new ANEMOI service provides 1km-mesh wind and wave data to assist in planning of offshore work related to the construction of wind power generation facilities.

Weathernews developed ANEMOI for offshore wind power businesses and construction companies that is designed to provide wind and wave
forecasts as well as information on meteorological risks, such as lightning strikes and typhoons. With the aid of this service, wave, wind, and other offshore forecasts can be provided using the highest resolution 1km mesh available.

Ørsted embraced the use of ANEMOI in March 2022 at its construction site off the shores of Taiwan as a pilot and has decided to use ANEMOI to
assist for its construction, maintenance, and other offshore work related to offshore wind power  facilities on Greater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms, given that the service was rated high in forecast accuracy demonstrations held in other parts of Asia.