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CH270/312 180 kHz Searchlight Sonar System with 10.4 Inch Color LCD Display. Includes 350mm Travel Hoist and Operates at 12VDC

Model: CH270 Brand: Furuno

Email to us for Price at ask@wmjmarine.com Display Range Frequency Power Output Power Use 10.4" Color LCD 2500' 180 k - Hz 800 W 12 VDC The CH-270 is a new sophisticated searchlight sonar designed for small fishing vessels or pleasure craft. Individual fish, fish schools and underwater objects are displayed on a 10.4" color LCD. The echograms are displayed in 8 or 16 colors according to received echo strength; the strongest echoes are red, the weakest are blue. One echo can be displayed in white so that a specific echo level is highlighted. The background color is also selectable for optimum viewing day or night. There are eight display modes: full circle scan, zoom, vertical scan, vertical sounder, the combination of full or half circle with vertical scan, full circle with history, full circle with strata and full circle with Video - In the vertical scan mode, you can view the vertical plane in any direction around the vessel. The CH-270 features a unique "Cross Section Scan" to view the vertical plane. The CH-270 provides two modes to track a targeted echo: target lock mode and L/L mode. The target lock mode permits automatic tracking of targeted fish schools within a predetermined search zone after it has been manually acquired. In the L/L mode, the beam is locked to the position (such as a fish shelter or reef) chosen with the target marker. This mode can be enhanced with more accurate position input such as DGPS or WAAS. The CH-270 consists of a 10.4" LCD display unit, transceiver unit and low-profile hull unit. This 3-unit configuration provides a spacesaving installation. - Box configuration (without monitor) is also available. The hull unit will fit any boat where a 147 mm (6") hull tube is available. Also, previously installed CH-18 or 28's can be upgraded to a CH-270 without drydocking since the hull unit is the same. Standard Features Targets shown in 8 or 16 color targets including white 180 k « less

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