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CH250BB/150/325 150 kHz Black Box Searchlight Sonar System. Includes 250mm Travel Hoist and Operates at 24 & 32VDC

Model: CH250BB Brand: Furuno

Email to us for Price at ask@wmjmarine.com Display Range Frequency Power Output Power Use Supplied Separately 5000' 150 kHz 1.2 kW 24 VDC The Furuno CH250BB is the sport fisherman's dream machine, designed for boats 40 feet and up. This high-performance searchlight sonar displays fish and underwater objects using a user supplied VGA display. It has the ability to rapidly scan a full 360 degrees around the boat or just specified sectors. There are eight operational modes to choose from. The full circle/vertical slice mode finds fish targets and bottom structure all around the vessel, with a vertical slice display at the same time. The vertical slice mode gives you a fore and aft, surface to surface, expanded view of fish school distribution on the selected bearing. You can set it for a depth sounder mode, which has a tilt and train capability for forward or side looking. It is even stabilized against the boats motion. The CH250BB is a "Black Box" unit, which gives you the flexibility to utilize almost any CRT or LCD flat panel display or arrange for a second station remote display. The sector center is referenced to the vessels bow. Reverse train Target Lock, used in both Horizontal and Vertical S/L Fan Scan Target Lock on a preset L/L position Auto Tilt Tracking, TLL output, L/L data input req. « less

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