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DropShot 20/20

Model:  Brand: Quatsino Sound Chart

Features:High resolution color imageRemovable design for easy camera maintenanceExtremely ruggedWill mount in hulls up to 2.5" thickConnects to any Nav-Center,Video Monitor with composit video inputTwo Year WarrantyThe DropShot 20/20 is designed to provide live video from beneath your vessel at all times. This model is designed to look straigth down or straight back from the bottom or stern of your vessel. isclaimer: The DropShot 20/20 is not intended to be used as a navigational aid. The camera must be mounted close to the centerline of the hull and close to to the aft of the vessel to reduce impact stress. The warranty is for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. If using thru-hull lighting you will achieve the best results by having the camera and lighting at least 2 feet apart. Also using a wide beam lighting system is recommended.

Product Specification

  • A Camera SpecificationsA

    Video Signal:: Composite
    Resolution:: 480 TV Lines
    Focus:: Fixed 1 inch to focal infinity
    Lens:: 4mm
    Iris:: Electronic
    Operating Temp:: -10 to 55 C
    Light Sensitivity:: 0.15 lux
    Input Voltage:: 12 VCD
    Current Consumption:: 210 mA
    Video Out Jack:: RCA or BNC
  • A Physical SpecificationsA

    Through Hull Fitting:: Bronze
    Camera Housing:: Urethane
    Available Cable Lengths:: 50, 100, 150ft
    Through Hull Fitting Dimensions:: 2" diameter / 3.25" length

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