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Dropshot 20/20 - forward / rear viewing

Model:  Brand: Quatsino Sound Chart

Features:High resolution color imageRemovable design for easy camera maintenanceRugged / Hydrodynamic DesignWill mount in hulls up to 2.5" thickConnects to any Navigation Center or Video Monitor with composite video inputTwo Year WarrantyAvailable in 30 degree or 45 degree orientationThe DropShot 20/20 is mounted in the bottom of the vessel. The center point of the video image is 30 or 45 degrees from the bulkhead surface. The DropShot 20/20 will stream live video to your monitor of what is going on below your vessel at all times. The camera can be removed from the through hull fitting from the inside of the vessel for maintenance if necessary.

Product Specification

  • Camera SpecificationsA

    Video Signal:: Composite
    Resolution:: 520 TV Lines
    Focus:: Fixed 1 inch to focal infinity
    Lens:: 4mm
    Iris:: Electronic
    Operating Temp:: -10 to 55 C
    Light Sensitivity:: 0.4 lux
    Input Voltage:: 12 VCD
    Current Consumption:: 210 mA
    Video Out Jack:: RCA
  • A Physical SpecificationsA

    Through Hull Fitting:: Bronze
    Camera Housing:: Urethane
    Available Cable Lengths:: 50, 100, 150ft
    Through Hull Fitting Dimensions:: 2" diameter / 3.25" length
    Protrusion From Hull: 0.5"

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