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Navi-Radar 4000

Model: 4000 Brand: Sea Sense

Transas made use of proven solutions in combination with advanced technology to develop Navi-Radar 4000

AAPurposeANavi-Radar 4000 uniquely combines radar information, navigational charts, ENC safety parameters, targets, user-maps, routes and tools for decision support, which all ensure safer navigation.AWith Navi-Radar 4000, chart layers can be individually configured, avoiding a cluttered radar display.AAFunctionalityAA Pre-calculated motion vectors: Even before the operator acquires a target, Transas Navi-Radar 4000 already selects potential targets and provides you with instant vector and object data.A Target association: Built-in filters can associate any AIS and ARPA target to provide reliable, real-time data, selected by the operator.A Filtering lost targets: In heavily trafficked areas, focus is key to avoiding dangerous situations. Operator-defined target filters warn you only when necessary.A Trial Manoeuvres and Curved Heading Line: Real-time calculations and presentation strengthen any decision made by the officer.A Chart Radar: Efficient multi-loading and display of electronic charts where ENC/SENC or TX-97 charts can be presented as an underlay simultaneously with individually created MAPs.AAAdvantagesAA A true chart radarA User-friendly and consistent GUI throughout the Transas 1CMultifunction Display 1D (MFD) navigation systems series - e.g. ECDIS, Chart Radar, ConningA Full MFD integration with high configuration flexibilityA 24/7 telephone and e-mail support with local service stations in all major portsA Remote (online) service, support and maintenanceA Highly cost-effective and flexible combinations with ECDISA Easy and affordable upgradesA Supplied with Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS), which offers the best available charts and digital services

Product Specification

  • Peak power (nominal): 4 kW
    Range scale: 48 nm
    Radiation frequency: 9410 ± 30 MHz
    Pulse width: 50 nS80 nS300 nS800 nS
    Pulse repetition frequency: 2600 Hz999992100 Hz999991200 Hz99999600 Hz
  • Antenna

    Antenna: Radome 46
    Length: 4.4 feet
    Type: Microstrip Array
    Frequency band: 9410 ± 50 ACHz
    Polarization: Horizontal
    Horizontal beam width: 5.2°± 0.2°
    Vertical beam width: 22°± 2°
    Sidelobes within ± 1052: -19 dB
    Sidelobes outside ± 1052: -21 dB
    Gain: "65 19 dB

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