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Raymarine HD Color and Super HD Color Open Array Radar

Model: RA1048D ADA1072D ADA3048HD ADA3072HD ADA1048SHD ADA1072SHD ADA3048SHD ADA3072SHD Brand: Raymarine

Choose a Raymarine HD Color or Super HD Color open array scanner for enhanced performance and range. These large scanners, equipped with a more efficient antenna (increased gain) and narrow beam widths, deliver substantial improvements in range and bearing resolution giving great performance and clear target separation.Available with 4 ft (1.2 m) or 6 ft (1.8 m) antenna beams. Cut the Clutter!Truly revolutionary, Raymarine HD Color technology improves target detection by eliminating virtually all noise and extracting more information from the radar echo return than has ever been generally available to the leisure navigator before.Super HD Color adds another level of digital signal processing to futher enhance the performance and improve the resolution. Stunning multi-level color target displays provide extra clarity and detail.Raymarine Open Array front 3Cbr />Key features: HD Color technology delivers superior processing and target detection Multi-level color target displays Adaptive auto settings Coastal, Harbor, Offshore and Buoy Auto modes SeaTalkHS network compatible New, thin radar interconnect assembly Simple install, no need to open pedestal (external waterproof connector) 10.8 to 32V DC operation with supplied external voltage converter Field upgradeable software via CF card in GPM400 HD Color Radar technology maximizes digital radar receiver performance, enabling 4kW Raymarine radars to deliver target detection that rivals much larger and more powerful analog radar systems Raymarine HD Color technology improves target detection by 100% digital signal precessing and information extraction HD Color and Super HD Color radar technology delivers substantial improvements in range and bearing resolutionspaceRadar BenefitsWhere am I relative to my surroundings? Is there anything nearby that could be a danger to me, or vice versa? Radar is a great aid to navigation that allows you to:Track TargetsNot everything uses AIS! Using MARPA* (mini-automatic radar plotting aid) allows you to identify vessel, speed, bearing, closest point of approach (CPA) and time to closest point of approach (TCPA), dangerous/ proximity alarms, overlay AIS info for further target clarification.Image shows a tracked target in the previously set guard zone around your vessel and has triggered the dangerous target alarm, seen on screen, and set off an audible alarm. 3Cbr />Radar Track Targets Weather AdvantageRaymarine HD Color scanners provide superior all weather performance allowing you to still see targets through rain and thunderstorms. Use radar to track weather too.

Product Specification

  • Scanner Power and Type: 4kW HD Color
    Antenna Size: 1.2 mA(4 ft)
    Max Range Scale: 72 nm
    Scanner Weight (Pedestal + Antenna): 26 kg (57.3.4 lbs)
    Beam Width Horizontal (Nominal): 1.85°
    Effective Horizontal Beam Width (after Super HD Processing: N/A
    Beam Width Vertical -3dB: 25°
    Antenna Side Lobes (Inside 10°): < -21dB
    Antennaa Side Lobes (Outside 10°): < -30dB
    Rotation Rate: 24 rpm
    Receiver Bandwidth: Matched digital filter for each pulse length
    Pulse Length/PRF Settings: 8
    Voltage: 10.8 to 32 volts DC (using supplied VCM100) for 12V, 24V DC Systems
    Power Consumption (Typical): <70W (transmit) <30W (standby) <1.2W (sleep)
    Number of Displayed Video Levels: 256 (8-bit)
    Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +55°C D6
    Non-Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C C6
    Waterproofing standard: IPX6
    Scanner Cable Length: 15 m standard (5m 10 m and 25 m optional)

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