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Satellite Radio Antenna Kit

Model: 233-XM-50 Brand: Digital Antenna

Harness the power of XM or Sirius satellite radio on your boat or RV or in your home or office. Digital Antenna's 233-XM satellite antenna provides crystal clear reception of your favorite satellite radio or weather channels anywhere in the continental United States, Canada and up to 250 miles offshore. *

Tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions, the 233-XM's UV stable acrylic sealed dome is impervious to damage caused by bad weather and salt water. The 233-XM-50 kit is sold complete with 50' of cable with factory-attached connectors, stainless steel 1 1D 1314 mount, adapters and mounting ferrule. The unit also features a built-in internal ground plane (3.5 1D diameter).

* Satellite receiver and subscription to XM Radio, Sirius Radio or XM WX Weather service are required. Not for use with XM- or Sirius-ready devices.


Crystal clear reception for XM Radio, Sirius Radio and XM WX Weather
Provides coverage in continental US, Canada and up to 250 miles offshore
Rugged construction withstands harsh weather conditions
Complete antenna kit includes cable and mount

233-XM-50 Satellite Radio Antenna Kit Includes:

40dB nominal gain antenna (233-XM) *
50' low loss DA195 cable with factory-attached connectors ( 195-50NF )
Stainless steel 1" 1314 threaded base mount for flat surface ( DM194 )
Stainless steel 1" 1314 double female ferrule ( F114 )
Mini-UHF male to SMA adapter ( DA923 )
Mini-UHF male to SMB adapter ( DA947 )

* Not sold individually; only available as part of a system.

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