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SKIPPER 24 kHz Transducers

Model: 24 kHz Brand: Sea Eagle

ETN024T- 24 kHz Navigational Transducer
- Different adaptors to different bottom arrangement
- Cable length 40 m

- Range 4 000 m

Product Specification

  • Transducer frequency: 24 kHz
    Mounting options: ETN024TA Transducer for mounting in ETNSTCLF Combo Low Frequency Tank and AETNSTCILF Ice protected Low Frequency Tank with 40 m cableAETN024G Transducer for mounting in SB-200-SA Sea Valve with 40 m cabl
    Range: 4 000 m
    Material: Rubber
    Approval: Standard: DNV
    eight: 5 kg

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