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Model:  Brand: Sea Eagle

- Synthesized Thermal Weather Facsimile Receiver
- 8 inch wide high quality thermal printing
- Automatic reception with start/stop control, optimum frequency selection, phase matching and speed/IOC selection
- Timer programming for automatic recording up to 16 programs per week
- Date and time are automatically printed when the APSS automatic stop signal is received

Product Specification

  • Reception: Synthesized double super-heterodyne
    Frequency range: MF/HF 2.0000~24.9999MHz in 100Hz step
    Frequency wave form: F3C
    Number of channels: Preset existing facsimile stations: 150 channelsVacant channel for new station: 164 channels
    Image rejection ratio: Better than 60 dB
    Sensitivity: 2µV at 20dB SINAD
    Selectivity: Better than 2.0 kHz (-6dB)
    Frequency selection: Automatic selection of most suitable frequency in a selected station or,Manual selection of preset frequency by key pad or,Input frequency by key pad
    Display: LCD, 16 characters x 2 lines
    Audio input: Audio frequency 1900±400Hz (minus: black, plus: white)Impedance 600
  • Recorder

    Recording system: Electronic scanning with thermal head
    IOC (index of cooperation): 576/288
    Recording speed: Automatic selection of recording speed, or manual
    Gradation: 9 tones (white, 7 gray levels and black)
    Recording paper: Thermal paper (216mm x 20m), effective width 212mm
    Line density: 8 dots/mm (total number of dots: 1696)
  • Automatic Control

    Start/stop: Automatic start or stop by timer program and/or WMO standard remote control signal, or manual
    IOC: Automatic selection of IOC by WMO start signal, or manual
    Phase: Automatic selection of phase matching by passing signal, or manual
    Timer programming: 16 programs/week (available sleep timer function)
  • Power, Dimensions & Weight

    Power source: 10.8~31.2 VDC universal
    Power consumption: DC: 28W max
    Environmental conditions: Temp: Main unit -10-AC to +50-AC Humidity 95% Rh (35-AC, 4 hours)
    Dimensions & weight: W335 x H93 x D300 mm 6 kg

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