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CH250BB/88/340 88 kHz Black Box Searchlight Sonar System. Includes 400mm Travel Hoist and Operates at 24 & 32VDC

Model: CH250BB Brand: Furuno

The Furuno CH250BB is the sport fisherman's dream machine, designed for boats 40 feet and up. This high-performance searchlight sonar displays fish and underwater objects using a user supplied VGA display. It has the ability to rapidly scan a full 360 degrees around the boat or just specified sectors. There are eight operational modes to choose from. The full circle/vertical slice mode finds fish targets and bottom structure all around the vessel, with a vertical slice display at the same time. The vertical slice mode gives you a fore and aft, surface to surface, expanded view of fish school distribution on the selected bearing. You can set it for a depth sounder mode, which has a tilt and train capability for forward or side looking. It is even stabilized against the boats motion. Read me first. « less

Product Specification

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    Part Number: ch250bb88340

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