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Boatracs Broadband Fleet Management Solution

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High Speed Internet and Low Cost CallsThere 19s a KVH TracPhone Vip-SATCOM system for every size vessel and an airtime plan to meet every budget. Equip your boats with modern broadband connections without breaking your budget!TracPhone Vip-SeriesKVH delivers seamless, global, multi-megabit broadband service to small, powerful antennas mounted on ships at sea. What does that mean for your maritime business? Fast, reliable, affordable service! Low airtime rates for satellite internet at only $0.99 per MB Crystal clear world-wide calls for $0.49 per minute with no roaming fees Control costs with Integrated CommBox Modem for built-in network management 24/7/365 LIVE customer support with remote diagnostics to ensure uptimesBenefitsThe benefits of bringing broadband data service to your vessels can be seen every day in better operations, greater safety and crew morale. Here are just some of the ways a KVH broadband system can improve your vessel operations: Better data for voyage planning to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions Better crew retention with access to Internet, news from home, sports updates and movies Ship to shore communication and collaboration to avoid costly equipment failures with preventative maintenance Reduced repair costs Streamlined logistics Enhanced security Telemedicine services for crew well-being and even to save lives

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