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SKIPPER 150 FleetBroadband Satellite Terminal

Model: Skipper 150 Brand: Inmarsat

The SKIPPER 150 FleetBroadband satellite communications terminal is well suited for small and mid-sized commercial marine, fishing and leisure vessels at price and service levels never before available in this vast market sector.

Based on the most powerful communications satellites ever launched, the SKIPPER 150 now makes it easy for Captains and Crew members to talk, send and receive text messages, email and faxes around the world.

Get the information you need to make your work easier, when you need it most. With amazingly fast data speeds, up to 150kbps, you can now receive full color weather images, navigational charts, maintenance information and browse the internet with ease. Send reports, regulatory and management information, requisitions or pictures while simultaneously receiving the latest news and sports updates, even phone calls or faxes.

AASPECIAL FEATURESAA Forced Dialing 13 SAC Configuration ControlA Restricted DialingA Call PrioritisationA Remote AccessA Backup/Restore of Configuration SettingsA SIM Lock based on IMSI/APNA Multilingual WebConsole (English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and Dutch)A Multi-User access with configurable access rightsA Time/Volume limited data sessionsA Automatic Position Reporting and Fleet Tracking Capability 13 Geofencing, up to 10 polygon areas can be configuredA Multi-Voice up to 4 voice call ports (each call comes with an individual phone number)A MAC FilteringA Port ForwardingA PPPoEA Firewall

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