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Display Series X

Model:  Brand: ProMariner

Displays Series XAs a leading manufacturer of display and computer hardware for the maritime segment, Hatteland Display continuously gauges and responds to market needs. Our commitment to develop specialized products for a multitude of onboard ship systems continues, and with that the introduction now of a brand new product range called, Series X.With cast aluminium, compact (IP22) and sleek by design chassis, the units from this new range can be desk mount or console integrated. The design is modular, allowing for common modules to be used in various models and combinations. Together these design features bring about a range perfectly in synch to market cost expectations 13 along with that, the performance and type approval always expected in all Hatteland Display products.All sizes are available in display or panel computer formats, as well as various performance specifications to choose from. There are standard base models available which are listed on out internet page.The modules used in Series X, are all qualified having undergone and passed our extensive test program, which includes HALT testing. This means that the products are tested well outside the requirements in EN60945 and E10.The result is a more reliable product.IP22 / IP66MULTITOUCHTYPE APPROVEDECDIS COMPLIANTSUPERIOR BONDING TECHNOLOGYMODULE BASED, TAILOR-MADE SYSTEMS MADE EASY!GLASS DISPLAY CONTROL!22, SOLID STATE MENU SYSTEMSUNLIGHT READABLE / HIGH BRIGHT VERSIONS AVAILABLE

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