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MT406G - 406 MHz Manually Activated EPIRB

Model: MT406G Brand: GME

Australian & New Zealand model only - Not for sale in the United States or Europe.

The GME MT406G EPIRB is a culmination of three years extensive R & D by GME engineers. The end result is a radical new design concept that is not only a significant improvement on existing beacon performance, but dramatically slashes the cost of 406 MHz EPIRB ownership.

The GME MT406G 406 MHz digital EPIRB is the latest exciting extension of GME's growing family of innovative safety products. The 16 Channel parallel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna will enable location accuracy to better than 100 metres typically.

An auxiliary homing transmitter is included in the MT406G to enable suitably equipped Search and Rescue forces to home on the distress beacon.

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