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Selectable AC-Transducer 13 TAS-311DG

Model: TAS-311DG Brand: Plans - Howe Sound Chart

TAS-311DG is a micro-controller-based AC-transducer with 1 analogue output for measurement of RMS-voltages, RMS current, phase angle or frequency on an AC-network.

The PC configuration software allows free choice of voltage, current, phase angle or frequency measurement including configuration of the measuring range and output range without any mechanical settings or adjustments inside the transducer.

The transducer holds no mechanical moving parts like potentiometers and therefore the calibration stability is excellent. TAS-311DG can be delivered pre-configured or it can be delivered un-configured for customer configuration through the PC-interface.

Measures voltage, current, frequency or phase angle on AC networks
Class 0.5 (IEC-688) measurement
Supply and measuring voltage up to 690V
Easy configuration via PC-interface possible
Non-linear output characteristics possible

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