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Delta Vision - Underwater video camera

Model:  Brand: Quatsino Sound Chart

Features:Low Light OperationVirtually Indestructible HousingMilitary Grade Umbilical CableInternal Ultra Intense LED's for IlluminationEasy Deployment / RecoveryRecessed Lens Will Not ScratchAbility To Attach Up To 10 lbs. Of Ballast WeightNo Installation Required, Fully PortableThe Delta Vision boasts an extremely rugged and innovative stainless steel design, making it the most versatile of the Splash Cam line. The exceptional video clarity and light sensitivity will allow for flawless viewing in the most difficult and challenging environments. The internal lighting source controlled on the surface along with its remarkable wide angle lens make for easy, worry free deployment that delivers the best possible underwater images.

Product Specification

  • A Camera SpecificationsA

    Video Output:: Composite NTSC (PAL Optional)
    Auxiliary Lighting:: Ultra Intense White LED's
    Resolution:: 650 TV Lines
    CCD:: 1/3" Sony
    Focus:: Fixed 1 inch to focal infinity
    Lens:: 4mm
    Iris:: Electronic
    Operating Temp:: -10 to 55 C
    Light Sensitivity:: 0.1 lux
    Input Voltage:: 12 VCD
    Current Consumption:: 270 mA
    Video Output Jack:: RCA or BNC
  • A Physical SpecificationsA

    Body:: Stainless Steel
    Exterior:: Stainless Steel
    Camera Head Weight:: 2lbs (Dive weight can be added)
    Depth Rating:: Standard: 800 feet / Upgrade: 2000 feet
    Weight in Water:: 2lbs (Dive weight can be added)
    Cable Tensile Strength:: 700 lbs break / 250 lbs nominal
    Available Cable Lengths:: 50-1000ft in 50ft. increments
    Camera Dimensions:: 2.25" diameter / 4.5" length
    Weight in air with 50ft Cable:: 10lbs

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