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HV Series Handheld Thermal Vision Cameras

Model: HV 100, HV 125,HV 150, HV 260, HV 280 Brand: Comnav

Crystal Clear Night Vision
22 Available in 25mm and 50mm 61mm and 80mm lens options
22 2x electronic zoom
22 Adjustable contrast and brightness LCD colour display
22 Adjustable contrast and brightness OLED view finder display
22 44% increased image resolution with 384 x 288 over 320 x 240
22 50 Hz high image frequency
22 Monocular wide object detection range up to 2.9 km
22 Binocular wide object detection range up to 4.65 km
22 White Hot/Black Hot Switch
22 Runs off re-chargeable batteries with low power consumption and displays video on built in screen
22 Removeable 8GB SD card
22 Freeze frame functions for greater image utility
22 Analog composite video output
22 Video recording and image capture recording
22 Tripod mount option
22 Multi choice versions for different detection requirements
22 USB 2.0 interface for fast and convenient data transfer
22 CE, FCC certified and RoHS compliance
22 2 Year Warranty
22 Worldwide Service

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