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LX-1000 - Pole Camera

Model: LX-1000 Brand: Quatsino Sound Chart

Features:Universal pole mountHigh-Res ImageLED Illumination for use in Dark AreasWaterproof to 150ft.12V DC OperationTwo Year Factory WarrantyThe LX-1000 is a compact robust color camera head mounted on a universal swivel mount. The camera head can be pointed in any direction. The video out will feed into any monitor/recorder that accepts standard composite video. Perfect for shallow water inspections (running gear or dock pilings). Also great for swim training applications. Available with a 4-12' Aluminum telescoping handle or a 5-21' Fiberglass telescoping handle.

Product Specification

  • Camera SpecificationsA

    Video Signal:: Composite NTSC (PAL Optional)
    Auxiliary Lighting:: Ultra Intense White LED's
    Resolution:: 520 TV Lines
    Focus:: Fixed 1 inch to focal infinity
    Lens:: 3.6mm
    Iris:: Electronic
    Operating Temp:: -10 to 55 C
    Light Sensitivity:: 0.1 lux
    Input Voltage:: 12 VCD
    Current Consumption:: 250 mA Max
    Video Output Jack:: RCA
  • A Physical SpecificationsA

    Housing Material:: Stainless Steel
    Size:: 1" D x 3" L
    Pole Length:: 4-12ft. or 5-21ft.
    Cable Length:: 75ft.
    Connectors:: 2.1mm mini jack power / RCA Female Video
    Depth Rating:: 150ft.

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