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T800 & T900 Series

Model: T823PADD833PADD900PADD923PADD933P Brand: Raymarine

The T800 offers a thermal imaging camera equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector producing thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels whilst the T900 is a powerful, gyro-stabilised multi-sensor, long range, thermal night vision system which includes a cooled midwave, high-resolution 640 x 512 pixel thermal camera.

T800 and T900

Key Features

Pan/tilt: all versions can pan 360º continuously and tilt +/- 90º
Gyro-stabilisation: provides steady imagery, even in rough seas
Radar tracking: identify and track specified radar returns
Video tracker: select a given target for automatic tracking
Picture-in Picture (PIP): two sensors can be shown on a single display
Zoom: continuous optical zoom on the thermal image allows a closer look at objects which are far away
T800 zooms between a 24.5º and a 4º field of view
T900 has a 14x optical zoom between a 28º and a 2º field of view.

Installation: cameras can be installed base down or base up

Product Specification

  • T800 Series: T900 Series
    T823P: T833P
  • Main thermal camera

    Detector Type: N/A
    Field of View: N/A
    Focus: N/A
  • Visible Color Camera

    Lines of resolution: N/A
    Minimum illumination: N/A
  • Thermal LW Camera

    Digital zoom: N/A
  • Video Tracking (all cameras)

    Tracking modes: Target (Correlation, Centroid) and Scene Electronic Stabilisation
  • Pan-Tilt

    Az. Range; Az Velocity: Continuous 360º panning, proportional speed to 60º/s 60º/s on home command
    El. Range; El. Velocity: Normal Installation (base down): +/-90º, proportional speed to 35º/sAInverted Installation (base up): +/-90º, proportional speed to 35º/s
    LOS: Gyrostabilisation
  • Environmental specification

    Operating Temperature Range: -32ºC to +55ºC per IEC 60945
    Storage temperature range: -32ºC to +55ºC per IEC 60945
    Automatic window defrost: Standard
    Water ingress rating: IPX6
  • System Specifications

    Camera size: 510mm wide x 454mm tall (nominal)
    Camera weight: 27kg
    Video format: PAL or NTSC
  • Interfaces

    Camera head input power: 12 VDC to 24 VDC (-10% / +30% per IEC 60945)
    Consumption: 75W nominal; 200W max
    Camera head output power (to JCU): Power over Ethernet (PoE) per IEEE 802.3af 48V mode B PoE, RJ 45 connector
    Video: Analog BNC x2, Digital Video via Ethernet
    Communication: Nexus via Ethernet
    Standard package contents: Camera Head with A18-inch Pigtail for Power, Analog Video x2, and Ethernet; Joystick AControl Unit; Operator Manual, Low Smoke/ Zero Halogen Ethernet Cable

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