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S1000 Autopilot Wireless E12169 C16576

Model: S1000 Brand: Raymarine

The Raymarine S1000 autopilot is for powerboats with a Seastar hydraulic system or other balanced hydraulic system. Complete with everything needed for easy installation*, the Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot is quick to fit and simple to use. No added complications from electronic compass or rudder reference transducers the Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot doesn't need them. Control the Raymarine S1000 autopilot with the Raymarine S100 wireless remote; simply steer on to your desired heading, press PILOT to engage the pilot into auto and off you go. To adjust your heading at any time, simply press the port/starboard arrow keys until the heading you want is displayed. To disengage the pilot, press STANDBY that's all there is to it! Fishing Patterns The Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot incorporates a number of dedicated fishing patterns. Patterns include: Cloverleaf, Zig Zag and Circle. EN Autopilots\S1000 Installation Guides English S1000 Autopilot Installation Instructions 87040-5. EN Autopilots\S1000 Installation Guides English S1000 pilot Bruksanvisning 81245-2. NO Autopilots\S1000 User Reference Guides Norwegian S1000 pilot Installasjonsmanual 87040-2. NO Autopilots\S1000 Installation Guides Norwegian S1000 Pilot Installation 87040-2. « less

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