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SideWinder 360

Model: 360 Brand: Quatsino Sound Chart

Features: Depth, Temp, Direction Sensors Small durable handheld remote Up to 300ft Cable for most any deployment needs Drift fin keeps the housing from spinning LED Illumination - Brightness Control High Strength Umbilical Cable 2 Year Factory WarrantyThe SideWinder 360 is a dual camera unit. One camera will view horizontally with a 360 deg. panning motion. The second camera looks straight down. A rugged handheld controller allows you to choose between the down looking and panning camera. The controller is also used to control the panning camera.

Product Specification

  • Camera SpecificationsA

    Video Ouput:: Composite NTSC (PAL Optional) - works with any video device with RCA video input
    Auxiliary Lighting:: High Intensity White LED
    Resolution:: 510 TV Lines
    CCD:: 1/3" Sony
    Focus:: 1.5" to Focal Infinity
    Lens:: 3.6mm
    Iris:: Electronic
    Operating Temp:: -10 to 55C
    Light Sensitivity:: 0.3 lux
    Input Voltage:: 12 volts DC
    Current:: 270 mA max.
  • A Physical Specifications A

    Body Construction:: Stainless Steel / Acrylic
    Camera Weight:: 3.2lbs water / 4lbs air
    Depth Rating:: 450ft.
    Cable Strength:: 200lbs break strength / 50lbs nominal work load
    Cable Length: 290ft
    Dimensions: 10 1D H x 3 1D D

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